Sinovel's Philosophy on Corporate Social Responsibility

We have only one earth. It is our common home. Over the past 100 years, human activities have triggered a series of resources and environmental problems. Our planet is faced with severe challenges. Every country and nation, every enterprise and individual, should feel duty-bound to take actions and unswervingly promote green development. As oil, coal and other non-renewable resources are depleted and problems like climate change and environmental deterioration are becoming increasingly evident, the development and utilization of renewable energy has been gaining considerable attention in the international community. Wind power, as a form of renewable energy, is developing at an unprecedented speed. Its influence is felt in every corner of the world. As a pioneer in wind power, Sinovel naturally takes the lead in this green movement, setting a good example in both its actions and achievements.

In 2008, Sinovel had become the largest wind turbine manufacturer in China. In 2009, its global market share almost doubled (rose from 5.0% to 9.2%). It was rated by one of the world's most authoritative consulting agency BTM as the best performer among the world's top 10 wind turbine manufacturers. According to the "Global Wind Energy Development" (2010) released by BTM on March 29, China had the newly installed wind power capacity of 13.75 million kilowatts in 2009, becoming the world's largest wind power market. In particular, Sinovel had the newly installed wind power capacity of 3.51 million kilowatts, continuing to rank No.1 in China and No.3 worldwide. At present, China is the only country outside Europe that has offshore wind farms. And Sinovel is the world's fourth offshore wind turbine manufacturer following SIEMENS, VESTAS and REPOWER. The 5MW offshore wind turbine newly developed by Sinovel was another landmark achievement in China's wind power development.

All the aforesaid glories not only show Sinovel's high sense of social responsibility, enterprising spirit and global outlook, but also fully indicate Sinovel's wisdom and courage to keep up with the world’s trend of development, make bold innovations, and pursue excellence. In a certain sense Sinovel has set the trend for Chinese enterprises in fulfilling their social responsibility.

Out of its social responsibility practice, Sinovel has formed a distinctive philosophy on social responsibility that suits its own characteristics and mission, viz. "build Sinovel, serve the society". With its pursuit of excellence, Sinovel has incorporated employee growth, customer satisfaction, and government assurance into its own development, thus being able to realize social harmony while promoting economic development. Its responsibility principles are "people orientation, common growth, care for employees, customers and partners, good faith, and mutual development", integrating the company interests with the industry interests and social interests. On this basis, Sinovel has set its long-term objectives in three aspects: strengthen itself through sustainable development; serve the wind power industry and facilitate sustainable development of resources; be a good corporate citizen and promote sustainable economic and social development.

Sinovel always regards corporate social responsibility as an important force in building a harmonious society. For the purpose of social harmony, we need to pay full attention to human factors, encourage technological progress and independent innovation, exercise environmental protection and conservation, increase employment and help build the community. A harmonious society is characterized by a high sense of responsibility. An important measure in building a harmonious socialist society is for enterprises to fulfill their social responsibility. Sinovel aims to enhance its capacities of sustainable development, promote the optimal allocation of energy resources, give full play to its advantages in wind power, focus on the research of international mainstream wind turbines, and strive to realize the all-round optimal allocation of energy resources and the sustainable development of the electric power industry. Sinovel will fulfill its economic responsibility, strengthen its business management, create greater social wealth, guarantee a steady supply of renewable resources for economic and social development, and become a cornerstone for building a harmonious society. It will carry out the ethical responsibility of "honesty, good faith, fraternity, mutual assistance, dedication and innovation", and promote harmony between man and nature.

Forging ahead on the path of renewable energy exploitation, Sinovel has turned corporate social responsibility into a steady source of strength to fuel its own growth and in a large sense to promote the development and progress of the nation and mankind.

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