Since being established, Sinovel paid highly attention on customer service and technical support team building, fully implemented the service integration strategy, and built a strong customer service system. Sinovel aligns the Company’s strategies with clients’ goals and emphasizes the Company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Sinovel offers its clients full, professional and unwavering levels of service and attention. The main services provided are as follows:

  • 1Detailed wind resource assessment, micro-siting review, guidance on turbine selection and analysis of power-generating capacity.
  • 2Technical guidance on installation of wind turbines in onshore, offshore and intertidal wind farms and technical guidance service on acceptance of installation.
  • 3On-site commissioning of wind turbines.
  • 4Data analysis, fault diagnosis and treatment, and routine maintenance for wind turbine units.
  • 5Technical consulting service for sold wind turbines.
  • 6Technical training on installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance for the sold wind turbines.
  • 7Commissioned operation and maintenance service for wind power projects.
  • 8Original script development, sales of goods and materials, and maintaining service for big components.
  • 9Equipment optimization and technology upgrade service.
  • 10Optimization and upgrade service for wind turbine units.

Service Standard

  • 1Service staff will provide 24 hoursfull service on site.
  • 2Typical spare parts will be delivered to site within 24 hours and special spare parts will be delivered to site within 48 hours.
  • 3General fault will be eliminated and recovered within the same day, and special fault will be eliminated and recovered within 24hours.
  • 4Replacement of generator will be completed within 7 days, and replacement of gearbox will be completed within 10 days.
  • 5Technical consulting service will be provided to products during their service life.
  • 624 hours customer service hotline will be available at all times.


Sinovel has opened a 24-hour nationwide unified customer service hotline, 400-000-6000, services provided as follows:


Consultancy on our products, micro site selection for wind power fields, selection of wind turbine types, and transport, installation, maintenance and spare parts  supply of wind turbines.


Handling the customers’ complaints and suggestions on the service quality, turbine performances and supply of spare parts and components.

Customer Care

Following up the project service quality, turbine performances, customer feedback handling, customer complaint reply, customer satisfaction survey, and calling back     our customers. With the ultimate goal of providing the most satisfactory services to our customers, SINOVEL is working hard to offer the best services to build a world first-class service team. We look forward to receiving your call at the 400 hotline of SINOVEL.

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