SL2000 Series Wind Turbine

Product overview

Adopting advanced load optimization and smart control technologies, SL2000 series wind turbine has reliable performance, easy maintenance and high availability. Smart wind farm management system brings maximum life cycle to the customer. Rotor diameter 100m/110m/116m/121m and hub height 80/90/100m are applicable to TC II and lower wind speed zones. This series can be installed in coast, mountain and highland as well as the other areas. SL2000/116 and SL2000/121 wind turbines have obvious energy production superiority in low wind speed zones.

Nature air cooling system for gear box and generator has the advantage of less power consumption, fault rate and noise;

Leading load optimization control technology significantly reduces the load of turbine and key components and improves turbine reliability;

Smart technologies including pitch control, fine yaw control, soft cut-out control, adaptive energy acquisition and grid connection optimization control maximize power generation and environment suitability and bring maximum profitability;

Advanced technologies like customized online monitoring system, smart fault self-diagnosis and operational optimization, sharing information with the neighboring turbines, turbine commissioning and fault eliminating bring to customer better reliability and availability;

Big data and cloud platform for turbine operation and maintenance data analysis makes automatic and smart operation and maintenance of the wind farm;

Leading technologies including wind farm power prediction system, smart security system, fine data management system, sector management and noise control successfully meet the needs of customers;

Human-machine engineering theory optimizes maintenance access and operational space.

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