Sinovel Northwest Base resumed production with new technology, new product and new service

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On 18th June 2015, Sinovel Wind Group Co., Ltd. held a launching ceremony to celebrate Jiuquan Base to resume production at Jiuquan, Gansu Province. Government officials including Jiuquan Mayor Du Wei, Director of Administration Committee for Economic and Technical Development Zone Lv Jiqing, Director of Industry and Information Technology Committee Du Zhixue, Director of Energy Bureau Wu Shengxue, Deputy Director of National Development and Reform Commission Wujian, Standing Deputy Head of District Committee Zhao Li were present on invitation, together with customers such as Huaneng, Huadian, Luneng, China CPI. Sinovel Chairman Xiaoqun and President Xu Dongfu attended a meeting with honored guests to discuss wind power industry development. Through this event, Sinovel demonstrated its latest moves in technology innovation, product R&D and O&M service and became the spotlight of the industry.

Jiuquan Base resumed production and Sinovel set sail again

Du Wei, the Mayor of Jiuquan, witnessed Sinovel’s Jiuquan base restart operation. He expressed congratulation for Sinovel’s production and management back on track. He said, as one of enterprises based in Jiuquan, Sinovel has endeavored to make contributions to economic construction and development of the city. Since Sinovel entered Jiuquan in 2009, it has been engaged in construction of the Phase One Jiuquan 3.8GW concession project, contributing for the whole wind power industry development in Jiuquan. According to Du Wei, the 5GW Jiuquan Mega Base second phase project will be launched in near future. He hoped Sinovel participate Jiuquan phase II construction.

Chairman Xiao Gang appreciated support from government and introduced Sinovel’s development in Jiuquan. As early as 2009, Sinovel set up a Sinovel Wind Technology (Gansu) Ltd., engaged in R&D, experiment, manufacturing and sales of wind turbines. In 2010, Sinovel reinvested the second phase project and forged a 33-hectare Sinovel Jiuquan Base. The main products of Jiuquan Base is SL 1500 wind turbine series (1.5MW), SL 3000 onshore series (3MW) and SL 5000 onshore series (5MW).

Xiao accentuated that the recovery of Jiuquan Base set Sinovel’s second sail in Chinese wind power industry. With increasing policy support, new measures by new management, based on strong technology strength, excelsior and innovative products, and service philosophy aiming at customer satisfaction, Sinovel will certainly rise again in wind power market.

Intelligent wind power technology and product became focus of the industry

President Xu Dongfu said Sinovel’s business improved obviously since new management took office in Feb. 2015. It began to make profit after 2.5-year loss and regained its stock market status. Based on technical innovation, Sinovel will reinforce its technology innovation and bring out intelligent wind turbines with more advanced technology and broader adaptability. This is also the footstone for Sinovel realizing its strategic target of “Restore Sinovel and its Pursuit of Excellence”.

Currently, Sinovel gained great achievements in intelligent wind turbine innovation and new product R&D. Starting from lower electricity cost per kWh, higher reliability and intelligent wind power, Sinovel will offer brand new wind turbines with more competitive edge and adaptability to all kinds of conditions, according to the company. It is in process of realizing its technical target of low electricity cost per kWh by lightweight design, lowering manufacturing cost and accelerating product engineering period. Based on new R&D concept, Sinovel will unveil a brand new SL wind turbine series, including SL1500 Generation III, SL3000 Generation II, SL2000 Generation I, SL5000 Generation I and SL6000 Generation I.

It is worth noting that Sinovel established new development idea with intelligent wind power as key character in accordance with wind power industry development trend. It will cover intelligent wind turbine and wind farm, from intelligent wind turbine electricity generation control technology, operation control technology, to intelligent micro-siting, operation and management of wind farms and energy net integration, all of which form a unique system.

Innovative service model achieved initial success and won applause

To supply customer with professional technology service, help customer lower wind farm operation cost, improve wind turbine operation quality, Sinovel introduced new service model. Currently, Sinovel has gained progress out from traditional service plight, including refining site service standards, completing customer management system, with Customer Service Department as a core, consolidating the company’s Technical Service Department, O&M Engineering Department and regional subsidiaries, providing full support for site service and forming a service procedure with bifunctional feedback and swift response. In the mean time, the company has built up a service team with 720 site staff and more than 80 technicians and backstage support personnel.

Through innovation in service model, Sinovel gained notable results and won customers’ satisfaction. One example is Xing’anmeng project in Inner Mongolia, which was installed with 33 sets of Sinovel’s SL1500 turbines. The availability has been increased to 98% from 2014’s 91.5% after the company’s concentrated defect correction. Another one is Jiangsu Rudong inter-tidal project phase I and II, comprising of 33 sets of Sinovel’s SL1500 turbines. The annual average availability has been improved from 96.6% in 2013 to 97.3% in 2014. In this project, No. 61 and No. 62 turbines, known as King of Sinovel Turbines, created an availability record of 99.67%, which won the customer’s highly praise.

The restore of Sinovel’s Jiuquan Base and the success of conference to introduce new technology, new product and new service, demonstrated Sinovel’s determination and confidence in realizing “Restore Sinovel and its Pursuit of Excellence”

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